More people with minor vision problems are now turning to laser eye surgery to have them corrected, and it’s not that hard to see why. For one, the entire procedure only takes 10-15 minutes, but its ensuing results can last for a very long time.

Weeks before the surgery, your surgeon will outline specific instructions to help you prepare. Though these instructions will depend on your situation, there are general guidelines that surgeons will likely recommend.getting laser eye surgery

Start Preparing Early

While LASIK surgery can be performed on people over 18 years old, you must maintain a stable prescription for at least two years before undergoing the procedure, regardless of your age. You must also be willing to do away with your contacts before your surgery, as recommended by your physician. They may also ask you to clean your eyelashes daily.

There’s no doubt that you’ll have a lot of questions about laser eye surgery in Orange County, CA, so make sure that you raise them with your physician early on.

Know What to Expect

Understanding the entire process helps to ease you into the procedure. A comprehensive eye examination will be performed for the doctor to evaluate your condition and devise a strategy that suits it best. Just before surgery, the doctor will verse you on the entire procedure and answer any questions to make sure you are comfortable before proceeding.

During surgery, you must lie on your back while numbing drops are applied to your eye. A precision laser that reshapes the cornea will be used to perform the treatment.

After the treatment, expect your eye to temporarily itch or slightly burn. Your eye also may become quite watery. These discomforts soon disappear on their own, but it is important to have someone take you home just after the surgery because your vision will be blurred at first.

Choose a Skilled Surgeon

Choosing a laser surgery specialist ensures that your eyes are taken care of properly by avoiding undercorrection, overcorrection, dry eyes, and other problems. It’s important that you feel comfortable in the hands of a skilled LASIK surgeon to ensure that your surgery goes without a hitch.

Laser eye surgery in Orange County, CA can turn your world and your lifestyle around for the better. Just prepare for it as advised by your doctor in order to see the results in a short time.


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