According to a projected study, as much as 45.6 million Americans would be suffering from cataracts by 2050. As it is, the numbers are already halfway there with as much as 25.7 million Americans aged over 40 currently suffering from this condition.

If you are part of this statistic, or in the event that you do become part of it in the future, it’s important for you to know that there are various means and ways for you to sufficiently deal with this. The threat of cataract is as real as it can get. Left untreated, the condition can lead you to complete blindness. Don’t wait for that to happen when there are solutions you can rely on to prevent it from happening.

Process of cataract surgery in modern clinicWhat are cataracts?

Cataract is the condition wherein the lens becomes clouded, which leads to blurry vision. It is not contagious, and so the myth that if your one eye develops cataracts, the other will automatically get it too is simply not true. It is possible, however, for both eyes to contract it individually.

Cataracts develop when the protein making up the lens form clumps together, clouding the vision. As this cloud of proteins become larger over time, the blurriness of the vision becomes worse, until such time that it’s practically impossible to see.

Sometimes, however, cataracts may have already formed but remain undetected because there is no noticeable change in the vision as of yet. This is why a lot of people get diagnosed only when the condition is already worse.

Who is at risk of cataracts?

While most cases occur with old age, people in their 40s or 50s can already become susceptible to contracting cataracts. The risk further increases if you are diabetic, smokes and drinks alcohol, and is constantly exposed to ultraviolet sunlight, for example.

Among the symptoms that you should watch out for, apart from clouded or blurry vision, include fading colors, glaring lights, double vision, or frequent changes in your prescription. If you experience any of this, it’s best that you consult with cataract surgeons serving Los Angeles and elsewhere, such as those from Excel Laser Vision Institute, to confirm if this is the condition that you have.

The sooner you consult with them, the sooner you can address the issue. Not all cases of cataracts will require cataract surgery near Los Angeles. For those who do need the procedure, however, can rest assured that it’s going to be safe, fast, and effective, so make sure to go to a reliable surgeon for the job.


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