LASIK is an FDA-approved surgical procedure that aims to correct eye conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism using laser. Like all types of medical procedures, a patient who will undergo LASIK eye surgery will not only be given pre-operative instructions, but also postoperative ones to ensure the success of the procedure.

A well-trained Orange County LASIK surgeon, like Dr. Ferzaad Moosa of Excel Laser Vision Institute, will discuss with his patient some important aftercare tips. After surgery care is necessary as it takes several weeks for the corneal tissues to completely heal. As the tissues heal, the patient will have to follow these instructions to aid in healing and to ensure the success of the procedure.

LASIK Eye Surgery Aftercare Tips

Water Exposure

Patients can shower or take a bath a day after the procedure, but they have to take extra care not to let hair products, body wash, or soap to get into their eyes. As a rule, they shouldn’t let any of these products get into the eyes until after five days after the procedure. These products can cause burning and irritation, run the risk of infection, wrinkle the corneal flap made during the LASIK procedure, and make symptoms like dry eyes worse.

Swimming in a pool, hot tub, sea, or lake isn’t allowed for at least 14 days after the procedure. Chlorinated water and particles found in saltwater and freshwater might cause irritation, redness, and corneal infection, affecting the healing and the success of the procedure.

Routine Activities

The healing time and the success of the eye surgery will depend on personal healing patterns and the amount of correction. After surgery, the doctor might advise the patient to avoid strenuous activities for at least one month. These include contact sports like boxing, football, and the like. Driving is possible a day after the surgery, but that will depend on what the surgeon advises the patient and how much his vision has cleared.

Follow-up Checkup

Patients should see their eye surgeons within the first 24 to 48 hours after LASIK surgery. During the follow-up checkup, the doctor will remove the eye shield, examine the eyes, and test their vision. He might recommend one or several types of eye drops to help prevent inflammation and infection. It is highly advised that the patients see the doctor at regular intervals afterwards for at least the first six months.

Other After Surgery Tips

One should wear the goggles to protect the eyes from dust and debris, and to help the patient avoid rubbing his eyes as it could dislodge the flap. The doctor might ask the patient not to exercise for at least two days after the surgery, and to wear the protective goggles while exercising. Another important advice from eye surgeons is to avoid dusty and dirty environments – including the garden – for at least seven days after surgery.


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