Most people feel iffy about getting eye surgeries because of how delicate the eye as an organ is. There are certain instances however wherein it simply cannot be helped but to subject to an eye surgery.One of the more common surgeries that people get is laser eye surgery. Otherwise known as Lasik, it is a highly popular procedure because of its efficiency (you can have the surgery as an outpatient) and effectiveness. If you are on your way to getting one for yourself, check out some of these tips that can help you have a smoother time recovering.

Rest Your Eyes

By this, it doesn’t just mean getting a good night’s sleep the night before your procedure. Rather, you should start preparing as early as two weeks before your appointment, particularly if you wear contact lenses.


This is an important step because wearing lenses actually reshapes your corneas. You need to rest your eyes from wearing lenses to allow them to revert back to their natural shape. Otherwise, the laser surgery may not be as accurate in measurement as intended, thus severely affecting the procedure’s effectiveness.

No Cosmetic Products

This ban includes creams, lotions, eye make-up (eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow makeup, eye cream, etc.), and even perfumes. The rationale behind this is that the particles and other microdebris can cause obstructions to the eye area. It’s also fair to expect that the eye operated on will also be sensitive, and so it must be kept safe and secure from any kind of pollution at all times.

In fact, you will be made to wear protective eye goggles for several days just to make sure that you don’t get it infected. As long as you follow the prescribed post-treatment care, however, it shouldn’t have to be too long before you can take the glasses off.

Make Post-Surgery Arrangements

While it’s true that you can be an outpatient when you go for your surgery, it doesn’t mean that you can just go on your own. Preferably, assign someone to drive you from the hospital after the procedure so you don’t strain your eyesight. It’s still fresh off the operation, so it should get some rest first.

Don’t hesitate to consult and clarify with your trusted eye doctor such as those from Excel Laser Vision Institute.


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