Those who have been wearing eyeglasses for a long while surely must miss those days when they didn’t have any need for it because their eyesight was still good. Fortunately, technology now allows procedures such as Lasik eye surgery to correct and improve vision. In fact, it’s known to be so effective that it is easily one of the most common and popular surgery types across the country.Here are some important and basic things you must know about Lasik eye surgery, especially if you are interested in getting the procedure for yourself sometime in the future.

Lasik Involves Cornea Reshaping

Lasik is able to correct vision by reshaping the cornea, which is that clear dome sitting in front of your eye and is responsible for the way your retina is able to focus on the rays of light coming through it. Using laser surgery, your Lasik surgeon cuts through the eye tissue delicately so as to adjust or straighten out the cornea.

important factsIn most instances, the blurred vision is due to a “crumpling” of the cornea. By doing this procedure, you essentially get the cornea cleared and realigned, thereby allowing you to see again much clearly.

You Need to be Eligible for the Procedure

Not because you have eyesight problems does not automatically mean that you can get Lasik eye surgery. There are pre-requisites and standards that must be first met, one of which is that you should have a stable prescription. In case you myopic, therefore, you should first work on correcting your vision’s refraction before you can try to apply for the procedure.

Patients must also be at least 18 years of age and must not be on certain prescription drugs, such as Accutane, among others.

Dry Eye Matters

During consultation, it’s crucial that you disclose to your eye doctor about your history of dry eyes, if any. This is usually a condition associated with contact lenses, wherein the eye dries out because of prolonged contact with the contact lens. This is why contact lens solutions are a crucial aspect of wearing them.
This information is going to be crucial for your eye doctor because your history of dry eyes could have an impact on how your eyes react to the procedure.

If you think you need Lasik eye surgery, consult with trusted eye doctors such as those from Excel Laser Vision Institute. Determine first if you are eligible for the procedure before going ahead making plans.


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