Faded colors, sensitivity to light, double vision in a single eye, poor night vision glare and halos around bright lights, and distorted or blurred vision are some of the symptoms of cataracts. These make it challenging for individuals to do things like work on a computer, read, or anything that demands clear eyesight. Thankfully, advancements in medicine now allow surgeons to effectively treat this condition with the utmost safety and excellent visual outcomes.

How Cataracts Occur

Cataracts are caused by variations in the eye’s lens make it less transparent. When light enters the eyes, it goes through the cornea (tissue at the front of the eye) and the lens before focusing on the light sensitive layer of cells at the retina (back of the eye). This causes vision loss that cannot be corrected by traditional solutions like glasses or contact lenses.

numerous symptomsAlthough cataracts can affect anyone, they are more prevalent in aging adults. In fact, according to studies, 68.3 percent of Americans aged 80 and above have cataracts. Research also shows that the prevalence of cataracts is expected to grow significantly.

Ideal Candidates for Surgery

Not everyone who has cataracts is an ideal candidate for cataract surgery. Some people may not even notice any changes in their sight because they can still see clearly by relying on brighter lighting or using magnifying lenses and prescription glasses. However, as they grow, they can experience more vision problems as their symptoms become pronounced, thus warranting surgery.

What to Expect During Procedure

It takes cataract surgeons in Los Angeles about 40 minutes or less to complete the procedure. The surgery is done during the day where patients are put under local anesthetic which implies that you will be awake the whole time. During the operation, the experts remove the affected lens by making a tiny incision in the eye.

After this, they will insert a small plastic lens that is known as an intraocular lens or intraocular implant. It frequently results in the ability to see in better focus, look towards light without too much glare and tell the difference between brighter colors. If the cataracts are in both eyes, one of them will be done first, and you can schedule another appointment weeks apart, giving the first eye ample time to heal.

Keep in mind that cataracts are a leading cause of blindness especially in older adults. People who have them should not hesitate to consult with a specialist who can perform cataract surgery in Los Angeles to help get rid of them as soon as possible. It can contribute to restoring lost vision and reduce dependency on eyeglasses as well.


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