A healthy cornea is curved uniformly in the vertical and horizontal directions, allowing for a clear view at all times. However, the cornea can be irregularly shaped, which introduces vision challenges because it is unable to focus light rays onto a single point. To a person with an irregularly shaped cornea, far objects can appear blurry or distorted, a condition that eye experts refer to as ‘astigmatism.’

Astigmatism makes it difficult to focus on the fine details of the things you are looking at. The most common solutions for the condition include eyeglasses and contact lenses. However, there is a more permanent and more convenient solution to astigmatism that you may not know about: LASIK eye surgery. Take a look at how a Los Angeles LASIK eye surgery procedure can be beneficial in the correction of astigmatism.



How LASIK eye surgery works

LASIK is short for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. As the name implies, LASIK technology makes use of lasers to reshape the curvature of the cornea. The laser will remove minute amounts of tissue from the cornea and make the curvature more uniform. When the curvature is corrected, the cornea will be able to focus light better, resulting in improved vision.

A more permanent and convenient solution

Contact lenses and glasses offer temporary respite from astigmatism. Take them off, and your vision goes back to being frustratingly blurry. What’s more, wearing these visual aids can keep you from living a full and healthy life, because you won’t be able to participate in certain activities, lest you run the risk of damaging your glasses or losing a lens. These problems disappear if you opt for LASIK eye surgery.

What to expect from a LASIK eye surgery procedure

Don’t let the name fool you. Though LASIK is a form of surgery, it is non-invasive in nature. A typical LASIK procedure takes around 30 minutes to complete, give or take. Downtime is also minimal, as patients can normally get back to their daily routine 24 hours after surgery. It is important not to rub your eyes as they recover, and use eye drops to keep them lubricated.

Before you can undergo LASIK eye surgery however, your Los Angeles LASIK surgeons must first confirm that you are a good candidate for the procedure. Schedule a consultation with surgeon you can trust to determine your eligibility, and to have all your questions about LASIK answered by a qualified professional.


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