Astigmatism means that the lens of your eye isn’t the right shape for clear vision.  Sometimes this is described as having a lens shaped more like a football, while a normal lens resembles a baseball.  Astigmatism can make it difficult to see, and is usually corrected with glasses and contacts.  But if you have astigmatism you’ve probably used glasses and contacts for years, and have decided that they don’t work with your lifestyle–or you’re just tired of not being able to see when you wake up in the morning.  Perhaps you’re wondering whether the types of  laser eye surgery has available can treat astigmatism, and if so, which one is best?

 Laser eye Surgery Orange County Astigmatism Treatment

How Does Laser Eye Surgery Work?

Laser surgery uses a laser to reshape your cornea and/or the tissue underneath so that it can refract light properly.  Different types of laser surgery are appropriate for different errors of refraction (nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism).  For astigmatism, LASIK is often the type of surgery that is chosen.  Your surgeon will discuss which type of surgery is right for you (see below).


Who Should Consider Laser Eye Surgery?

People with astigmatism often wonder whether surgery will make much of a difference in their lives.  After all, they can usually see fairly well with glasses and contacts, so why consider surgery?


You might consider laser surgery to treat your astigmatism if:

-Your astigmatism is mild to moderate.  People with mild to moderate astigmatism often experience very good vision correction after laser surgery.

-You’re feeling like glasses and contacts don’t work with your lifestyle.  People who enjoy the outdoors, are avid swimmers, or who just hate hunting for their glasses in the middle of the night tend to report an improved quality of life after laser surgery.

-You work in an industry where glasses and contacts are a disadvantage.  This includes those with active jobs, such as first responders; professional sports players; and those in the entertainment industry.  Laser surgery can free you to concentrate on work, without worrying about whether you’re going to lose a contact or have your glasses knocked off.


Which Type of Laser Eye Surgery Should You Consider?

Astigmatism can be successfully corrected with LASIK eye surgery, PRK, and Lasek, so which type of surgery should you have?  Time to call in the experts.  Your eye surgeon is the best resource when you’re trying to choose between various types of laser surgery.  Different surgeries are appropriate for different types of vision correction, and only after examining your eyes and discussing lifestyle factors with you can your surgeon be sure which type is right for you.  Schedule a consultation with your surgeon, take your time, and discuss all your options.  Soon, your astigmatism could be just a memory.



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