If you are scheduled to undergo laser eye surgery in Orange County in the near future, it is only natural that you want to make sure that the procedure goes well from start to finish. Choosing a trusted and experienced laser eye surgeon is one step you can take to ensure that, but that isn’t the only step measure you can take prior to the actual procedure. With that in mind, make sure you follow these simple tips to prepare yourself for successful laser eye surgery:


Now is the Best Time to Quit Smoking


Still looking for a reason to quit smoking? Your upcoming laser eye surgery is another good reason to finally kick the habit. Cigarette smoke is known to inhibit the body’s ability to heal itself. As such, continuing to smoke may unnecessarily extend your recovery period or even cause complications. Try quitting several weeks in advance to avoid experiencing withdrawal at the same time as your recovery period.

Patient Consults Surgeon Regarding the Upcoming Laser Eye Surger

Make the Switch Back to Glasses


If you are wearing contact lenses, it is best that you switch back to wearing glasses for a few weeks prior to the procedure. This is because contact lenses may alter the shape of the cornea with frequent use, affecting the accuracy of your eye’s measurements during surgery. Wearing glasses before your procedure will give your corneas enough time to revert back to its regular shape. Let your surgeon know about which type of contact lenses you wear so you can be guided accordingly.


Skip Your Morning Cup of Coffee


Many people find that they simply can’t get going in the morning without a cup of fresh coffee. However, you’ll want to skip this on the day of your procedure. Caffeine is known to stimulate dryness in the eyes, which may have a negative impact on the procedure and prevent you from fully relaxing during the operation. Take note that caffeine may also be found in beverages like sodas and tea, as well as food products like chocolate.


Having Someone Else Drive You Home is a Must


Laser eye surgery is an outpatient procedure. Although you will be able to see a bit after the procedure, it is still too dangerous to drive yourself home. As such, it is best if you can arrange a family member or a close friend to accompany you to your laser eye surgery appointment and drive you back home after the procedure, as well as help you back into bed upon arriving home.




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