According to an article published in Contact Lens Spectrum, the average contact lens dropout rate is currently at 16 percent. This means that one out of every six contact lens patients discontinues lens wear at some point. While there are many causes as to why people stop using lenses, the leading reason is found to be intolerance.

Contact lens intolerance (CLI) is an umbrella term for a person’s inability to apply a lens to their eyes without pain as time passes. There are many factors that could contribute to intolerance such as allergies, ill-fitting lenses, negative reaction to some lens materials and pre-existing eye conditions that are exacerbated by lens use. Common symptoms of CLI include itchiness, dry eyes, irritation, headaches, etc. Some patients even experience severe symptoms, prohibiting them from applying contacts altogether.


LASIK Eye Surgery: The Simple Solution to Contact Lens Intolerance

Fortunately, switching back to glasses is no longer the only option for people dealing with CLI in Orange County or anywhere else in the U.S. LASIK eye surgery is a viable solution to imperfect vision, without the inconveniences you may experience with both lenses and glasses. Here are some reasons why you should look into laser eye surgery to put an end to CLI.


Quick Correction


Thanks to advancements in technology, LASIK surgery now allows surgeons to correct vision in less than an hour. The actual procedure takes only 10-30 minutes and is completely painless. Of course, a brief recovery period is to be expected, but you should start seeing clearer within 6 to 8 hours of the surgery. You can throw out those glasses and contact lenses for good as soon as you enter the clinic.


Permanent Results


The biggest advantage of LASIK is that it permanently gives you 20/20 vision, especially if performed on both eyes. The effect of the procedure doesn’t wear off even after years, so you no longer have to deal with additional expenses. This is perfect for people in the military, navy air force, or other lines of work where perfect vision is a prerequisite.


Unparalleled Accuracy


With contact lenses, there can be a large margin of error when it comes to prescription. This is precisely why some patients experience intolerance or end up with poorly fitted lenses. The technology behind LASIK surgery ensures the highest level of accuracy in vision correction. To achieve this, board certified surgeons only use specialized FDA-approved equipment like the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 Hertz laser at Excel Laser Vision Institute. You can rest assured that the outcome of your operation is always positive.


Safe Procedure


LASIK surgery is a safe procedure with a significantly high success rate. Equipment used in such operations utilize features like Wavefront optimized lasers, PerfectPulse Technology, and advanced advanced eye tracking to ensure patient safety and quality results. On top of all that, there are also redundant safeguards to eliminate any risk. In short, everything is completely controlled and monitored.


No Intolerance


During LASIK surgery, it is normal to feel a slight discomfort as the laser corrects the refractive error in your eye. After that, however, you will not experience any side effects, particularly if you follow your doctor’s post-care instructions to the letter and attend checkups scheduled afterwards. You can now live your life without having to deal with contact lenses and their nuisances ever again.


Why settle for temporary solutions to less than perfect vision when you have LASIK eye surgery as a better option? Set an appointment with your surgeon as soon as possible to resolve your contact lense intolerance problem once and for all. Join the millions of people around the world who are happy with the results of their own procedures.



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