LASIK surgery is one of the most effective ways to correct refractive errors in the eyes and is one of the most common eye procedures conducted in Orange County and the rest of the United States. Despite this, many people who experience vision issues find themselves a bit in the dark about LASIK surgery. With that in mind, we try to explore some frequently asked questions regarding LASIK surgery.

LASIK Surgeon Addresses Several Questions from a Concerned PatientFrequently Asked Questions:


How Long Will The Procedure Take?


LASIK surgery is actually quite quick and simple, which is why it is usually an outpatient procedure. The actual laser treatment itself takes less than a minute. As a whole, the procedure will require roughly 15 minutes per eye. After the procedure, however, you will be taken to a different room to get some rest for an hour or two before you are allowed to return home. Plan your schedule accordingly.


Both My Eyes are Bad. Can I Choose to Have Both Eyes Treated at the Same Time?


Yes! In fact, surgeons often recommend that both eyes be treated at the same time if refractive errors are present in both eyes. After all, this option is much more convenient for the patient as well. On the other hand, please do not feel pressured to have both eyes treated if you are not comfortable with the thought. Your surgeon can easily schedule a second procedure for you.


How Soon Can I Return to My Normal Activities?


In general, most patients will be able to return to “normal activities” within 24-48 hours after their respective procedures. However, take note that your surgeon may place certain restrictions to ensure your eyes fully recover from the surgery. For example, you will be asked to refrain from heavy lifting for a week or two. You will also be asked to return for a few follow-ups so your LASIK surgeon can assess how well your eyes are recovering.


Additional Questions You Should Ask


Of course, these frequently asked questions are quite general. Some factors may change on a case to case basis. As such, make sure you ask a trusted LASIK surgeon, like Dr. Ferzaad Moosa, these questions as well:


What Should I Avoid Doing Prior to My Procedure?


It’s only natural to want to make sure your procedure goes smoothly. Your doctor may also advise you to avoid certain things prior to the procedure as well to improve the chances of complete success. For example, smokers will be asked to refrain from smoking several weeks before and after the procedure as not to inhibit healing. People who wear contact lenses will be asked to return to eyeglasses to give the cornea time to heal.


Where Will The Procedure Be Done?


Many surgeons perform LASIK surgery within the confines of their respective practices. However, some may need you to head to their “main office” to perform the procedure. Make sure you understand where your procedure will be done and how to get there. It’s best to arrive several minutes earlier than scheduled so that the staff present can help prepare you for the procedure. Additionally, you’ll want to ask a family member or friend to drive you to and from the procedure.


Will Any of My Medication Interfere with the Procedure or My Recovery?


Take note that certain medication may interfere make the procedure more difficult for your surgeon or slow down your body’s ability to heal your eye after LASIK surgery. If you are taking medication for any medical condition whatsoever, do let your surgeon know right away. Your surgeon can help you determine whether it is safe to continue taking your medication or if you should refrain from taking something for a few days before and after the procedure (after consulting your physician, of course).




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