Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, more commonly known as LASIK, is arguably the most popular type of refractive surgery today. Countless people with poor eyesight benefit from this procedure every year, and a lot of them achieve a 20/20 visual acuity after the surgery. If you are looking to undergo LASIK soon, here are some important things you need to know.  

 Surgeons Prepare to Perform LASIK Surgery to Patients in Orange County

Not Everyone Is Suitable for the Procedure


Before you even imagine yourself lying on the operating table, you should first determine if you are suitable for LASIK. People with existing eye conditions, including those who have dry eyes, keratoconus, glaucoma, cataracts, corneal disease and certain retinal and optic nerve diseases, usually do not qualify. Specifically, your eyes must be healthy before you can be eligible for LASIK. Your doctor will determine that through a series of tests.


It Is Almost Completely Painless


The first thing you will notice when a LASIK surgery is being performed is the absence of blood. This is because no lacerations is needed. The procedure only involves the creation of a thin, circular flap in the cornea, which afterwards will be folded back in place and cure by itself. No stitches and bandages are required. The patient can walk out of the hospital and drive home wearing only sunglasses.


It Takes Some Time to See the Results


Like in any other surgery, you cannot expect to see the results of LASIK right away. It would take a few weeks before you altogether see improvements in your eyesight. This is also the time you need to determine if you need further treatment. It is imperative to update your surgeon of the development of your eyesight after the surgery.


There Are Risks


All kinds of surgery, including LASIK, have risks. And when it comes to eye surgery, there is no such thing as minor. All refractive surgeries are considered major or invasive, and therefore come with certain risks. Fortunately, the ophthalmologists who perform LASIK are well-trained and continue to train to master the procedure and eliminate all possible risks.


LASIK is beyond doubt the most effective solution to most eye problems. Besides the fact that it has a very high success rate, its results are permanent as well. Furthermore, the risks are far more manageable than those of other procedures. If you want to know more about LASIK and get the most relevant recommendations, turn to reputable eye care providers in Orange County, such as Excel Eye.





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