According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, roughly 25.7 million American adults above the age of 40 have developed cataracts. As such, it isn’t too surprising that cataract surgery is one of the most common elective procedures performed in the United States.

Take note, however, that you need not immediately choose to go through cataract surgery as soon as the condition is diagnosed. An early-stage cataract will often have very minimal impact on your vision, which is why many people are shocked when they are told they have a cataract. As such, those who are not comfortable getting cataract surgery at the moment or those who would like to wait for better medical insurance terms that will cover the procedure may do either with minimal risk.

Middle-Aged Man Discussing Details of Cataract Surgery with Doctor

Over time, though, the cataract may grow larger and will eventually need to be removed. The key here is knowing when you should schedule cataract surgery in Los Angeles. With that in mind, here are a few warning signs that indicate a need to see a cataract surgeon:


Cataract Interferes with Work or Daily Tasks


As the cataract continues to develop, you may notice that your vision starts getting blurrier or that your vision suddenly has a yellowish hue to it. Some people are able to deal with these symptoms early on, but if these symptoms begin to get in the way of your job or daily tasks around the house, it is best to see a cataract surgeon to discuss undergoing cataract removal.


Driving at Night Has Become Nearly Impossible


Cataracts may bend light in an unnatural way as it enters the eye, which is why some people experience seeing halos when looking at strong light sources. This condition can make it increasingly dangerous to drive at night due to the use of headlights and the like. In some cases, a cataract may become severe enough that it may cause people to fail the vision test necessary to renew a driver’s license.

If you notice either of the two, be sure to talk to your cataract surgeon and have cataract surgery scheduled as soon as possible. This is because your surgeon will need to assess the cataract and prepare for the surgery. Likewise, you may be asked to take several steps, such as halting the use of certain medication, to prepare yourself for the surgery as well. Once the surgery is completed successfully, however, you can rest easy knowing that your vision has been restored.




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