There are hundreds of different sorts of eye problems, and any of them might cause vision to deteriorate. If you’re experiencing this, then you’ve probably thought about laser eye surgery in Orange County Ca. What eye ailments might a person have that would make them a poor choice for procedures like LASIK, though? We will address that question in this article.


There are a great many possible eye problems that a person might have where LASIK would probably not be beneficial. First on the list would be keratoconus, which is thinning of the cornea which results in progressively worsening vision. It’s hereditary, and if you know you have it in your family, you should be very careful about any elective eye surgery. There’s also herpes simplex which affects the eye area, uveitis, and keratitis. A person suffering from any of these might exacerbate the problem through a laser corrective procedure. Those with perpetually dry eyes are not good candidates, nor are those who have sustained eye injuries. Remember that LASIK is most often beneficial to someone who has farsightedness or nearsightedness. It should not be considered a cure-all for every eye problem.


There are a few other conditions where corrective eye surgery might not be the best solution. If your vision is decent overall, which is to say, if you only need contacts or glasses part of the time, the benefits of the surgery might not be worth the risks involved. Though these procedures are considered safe, it’s still surgery, and it’s not something to be taken lightly. If you have presbyopia, which is less-clear vision caused by eye changes due to age, then LASIK is also probably not the best choice. In such situations, speak to your eye doctor about your options.


As with all surgical procedures that you are considering, your due diligence is important. Consult with multiple ophthalmologists, and see if you can get a consensus about your choices. There are risks associated with all surgeries, but with a medical team that you trust, you should be able to figure out the best path forward toward better vision.