It’s a rare person that will go through their entire life without some degree of vision loss. If you’ve reached your early-to-mid 40’s and you haven’t lost some of your ability to focus on objects which are nearer to you, then you’re in the minority. If it is occuring, you may be unable to read smaller print or do tasks where you must focus on objects in the foreground. The question asked by many at this stage is if they need eye surgery from LASIK surgeons Los Angeles and if you’ve reached this point, that’s precisely what may be on your mind. Is it better at this juncture to just get glasses, or are you a candidate for something like LASIK?


That ability to lose focus on nearby objects is called presbyopia, and if you’ve been nearsighted most of your life, it might compensate for it, strange as that sounds. A nearsighted eye can focus on nearer objects without reading glasses and without corrective surgery. LASIK removes that ability because it corrects nearsightedness, which means that it might do more harm than good.


If you’re an older adult, and you’re not nearsighted, it therefore makes sense for you to consider having your vision corrected for monovision. This will allow you to retain the ability to see objects up close. A monovision adjustment will correct one eye for distant vision, and the other for nearer vision. This is not the best choice for everyone. An ophthalmologist will usually give you contact lenses which simulate this effect first, to see how you feel about it. If you like it, you may wish to move forward with the procedure.


Each person is different, and the way each person experiences vision loss as they age is different too. It will be necessary to consult with your doctor regularly as you age, to see what options make the most sense for you. Hereditary factors often play a big part in vision loss, but there are exceptions. Hopefully, you and your doctor should be able to come up with a solution so that you can get the most use out of your eyes as you age, through surgical means or otherwise.