If you’re considering getting laser eye surgery Orange County, you should know that the procedure has been done thousands of times now, and it’s nothing of which to be frightened. Medical science has advanced to the point where it’s quick and efficient, and the success rate is very high. You’re going to want to be positive that you’re getting the right surgeon for the job, though. To that end, there are some questions that you’ll want to ask your surgeon beforehand.


What Should I Be Asking My Surgeon?

Inquiring how many procedures a surgeon has done is a great place to start. You want someone with plenty of experience. Ask them about their complication rate, and how it compares to the national average. You can ask about the availability of the billing department, and whether they can explain and break down all the costs involved in the procedure. Ask if they charge extra for an enhancement, which is a follow-up to the procedure if the outcome of the original vision correction surgery is not entirely satisfactory. If they do charge extra, how much of a price break can you expect? And finally, if they don’t charge extra for an enhancement, then what is the cutoff date after the initial procedure for addressing any complications that might occur?


Other Possible Questions

You might also ask if the surgeon performs the procedure at their center, or if any travel will be required. You can ask about outcome statistics, and whether they’re in line with the national average. Ask about whether the center has ever had an outbreak of eye infections, and if so, how long ago it was and what caused it.

You should feel happy and satisfied with the answers you get to all of these questions. A surgeon should not act like it’s a hassle to address any concerns you might have. On the contrary, a responsible surgeon should be glad that you’re taking steps to make sure that they’re the optimal choice for the job. If they’re reluctant to go over your questions, if they seem annoyed or they won’t give you a straight answer about anything, then you might want to consider looking elsewhere.