LASIK eye surgery Los Angeles is a relatively simple procedure, and one that boasts a high success rate. There are thousands of people who have had it done, and their vision has improved significantly. You should go into this procedure with your eyes open (so to speak) and understand that there are sometimes complications that arise, just like with any surgery. In this article, we’ll talk a little about LASIK enhancement.


What Is It?

When a surgeon talks about LASIK enhancement, what he or she usually means is that a follow-up procedure has become necessary after the original surgery. The usual reasons for this are either the results of the first surgery being less than satisfactory or if your vision has significantly changed again sometime after the original one took place. Retreatments are seldom needed these days, due to the ever-improving technology. That does not mean that everyone who receives LASIK will come away with perfect 20/20 vision after just one procedure though. Each case and each person is unique. Sometimes another procedure is required to get that clarity of vision for which you’re searching.


How Do I Know If I Need Another Procedure?

Different factors will determine your rate of satisfaction following the initial procedure. These include your age and expectations, whether you have dry eyes following LASIK, whether you are still near or farsighted or have astigmatism, or the health and characteristics of your corneas. Remember, what you want from LASIK is for your dependency on glasses and contacts to decrease, and you to be able to see reasonably well without them. You’re looking for improvement, but it would be unwise to hope that your procedure will result in perfect vision and no glasses or contacts necessary under any circumstances at all. Results vary, and no two people have the same experience.

You’ll need to talk to your surgeon if you think that the treatment didn’t work as described, or if you feel strongly that additional surgery might be in your best interest. The doctor will examine your corneas, and together you will discuss your options. While it is accurate that the overwhelming majority of those who have LASIK see significantly better afterward, there are some who only experience visual acuity after a second surgery.