Have you considered cataract surgery Los Angeles? If you’re age fifty or over you might have visited an eye doctor, and they said you were developing cataracts. This occurs when the eye lens becomes cloudy. Cataracts might sound scary because you cannot correct them by LASIK, contact lenses, or glasses. However, cataract surgery is a safe and viable option these days, and it can often clear up your cataracts while also reducing your dependency on eyeglasses.


How Does It Work?

In cataract surgery, the cloudy lens inside your eye is taken out and replaced by an artificial lens referred to as an intraocular lens, or an IOL. In this way, clear vision is restored. This is generally an outpatient procedure, not requiring an overnight stay in a clinic or hospital. Most of these procedures involve using an ultrasonic device which utilizes a high frequency to break up the cloudy lens into tiny pieces. These pieces are then carefully removed using suction. These days only a small incision is required, which leads to faster healing and reduces the risk of complications like retinal detachment.

After the surgeon removes all the pieces of the cloudy lens from the eye, they then insert a clear IOL, positioning it between the pupil and iris, in the same spot previously occupied by your natural lens. The incision in your eye is then closed, sometimes requiring a stitch, sometimes not. A protective shield is left over the eye to keep it safe as it heals, and once it does, your vision should be vastly improved.


Other Options

There is also such a thing as laser cataract surgery. This is when femtosecond lasers, like the ones used to create the corneal flap in LASIK procedures, are used for certain steps in the cataract surgery. This is recent technology, and it reduces the need for hand-held tools and surgical blades. These lasers can be used to remove the anterior capsule of the lens, fragment the cataract, or create peripheral corneal incisions so that astigmatism can be reduced. This procedure can sometimes be more expensive than traditional cataract surgery. For the latest information about it, consult with your surgeon.   


Technological and medical advancements mean that there are more options available than ever for dealing with cataracts. Talk to your eye care professional and figure out what makes the most sense for you.