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LASIK surgery is the most common laser vision correction procedure in the United States. In fact, out of all refractive procedures in the U.S., 96% of them involve LASIK surgery. It’s not difficult to see why LASIK surgery in Orange County is so popular. It boasts an exceptional success rate and presents a negligible risk of complications. All of these make LASIK surgery an excellent option for many people struggling with vision problems.

LASIK surgery is an optional procedure. Some people prefer to undergo LASIK surgery early on to correct their vision, while some try to postpone it for as long as they possibly can. When you decide to undergo LASIK surgery is up to you, but there are certain situations when undergoing surgery the soonest possible is much better than leaving it for a later date.

When should LASIK surgery be your top priority?

Here are a few scenarios when going through LASIK surgery should be a priority:

  • Moderate to Severe Nearsightedness/Farsightedness

    Changes in vision are a part of the aging process. While prescription glasses help correct milder versions of nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia), they are often not an ideal choice for some people with severe cases of either vision problem. Glasses with high grades are often uncomfortable to wear, and the discrepancy between wearing glasses and not wearing them can be quite jarring, with some people experiencing dizziness or even vertigo. In such cases, corrective eye surgery in Orange County may be a better option.

  • Large Discrepancies in Astigmatism

    Astigmatism is another vision problem that affects a large number of Americans. The condition occurs when the cornea flattens or curves at different rates. It isn’t uncommon for astigmatism to affect both eyes at different rates. However, if the discrepancy between the two eyes becomes too large, it may lead to nausea and migraines. Severe astigmatism can also make it difficult to see at night due to blurry vision. Although prescription glasses may help correct astigmatism, it does not address the actual issue. As such, astigmatism may progress further. LASIK surgery offers a longer-lasting solution.

  • Your Employment Status Depends on Your Eyesight

    Some careers require people to have a near perfect vision at all times; an example is airplane pilot. Unfortunately, refractive errors can still affect these people. In some cases, wearing corrective glasses or contact lenses may not be ideal for these professionals as they can interfere with their work. If the same applies to you, it might be best to undergo LASIK surgery in Orange County as soon as possible.

  • You’ve Been Told to Undergo LASIK Surgery, But Haven’t Done So Yet

    Some people have already been recommended to undergo corrective eye surgery in Orange County in the past, but have yet to do so. Reasons may vary, with some people simply unsure about the risks of LASIK technology during its earlier years, while others simply did not have the time or resources to undergo the procedure in the past. Now is the perfect time to get LASIK surgery. The technology surrounding the procedure has improved by leaps and bounds over the last decade, significantly reducing risks and complications.

Take note that you do not necessarily need to experience any of the above before you can opt to undergo LASIK surgery. The procedure is completely elective after all. If you are interested to see if LASIK surgery is a viable option for you, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with our resident surgeon, Dr. Ferzaad Moosa.