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If you struggle with any sort of vision issues, such as astigmatism, myopia, or hyperopia, the chances are that you wear eyeglasses. If so, then you’re also familiar with some of the struggles that wearers deal with: they can be easily lost or broken, can fog up easily, can be unacceptable for certain kinds of activities, such as sports, and at the very least, can be unattractive. Wondering if there’s an alternative? A LASIK Eye Center in Los Angeles can help you explore your options.

However, it can be hard to imagine replacing such an institution— the use of eyeglasses date as far back as the year 1290 in Pisa, Italy and remains a popular choice around the world. Nevertheless, state-of-the-art advances in the field of corrective eye surgery definitely give this classic a run for its money.

The Costs: Look Forward Years Down the Road

Many people fail to look beyond the initial costs of surgery versus the lifetime savings it affords them. For instance, opting for laser eye surgery in Los Angeles when you’re younger will save you a significant amount of money through the years.

According to Consumer Reports, eyeglasses are now at around $250 per pair. Keep in mind, though, that those eyeglasses you first bought will not be the last. You will go through many prescription changes as your vision quality changes, not to mention eyeglasses that are broken or lost. Those expenses will add up over time. While LASIK eye surgery is certainly an investment, it can turn out to be the more cost-effective option depending on your situation.

Think about the Lifestyle You Want

Wearing bulky eyeglasses and a lot of hobbies and sports just don’t match. Think about scuba diving, snorkeling, basketball, jogging, and football. If you insist on participating in these activities wearing eyeglasses, you might be forced to buy expensive corrective lenses or goggles. Also, playing contact sports with eyeglasses on makes them vulnerable to damage.

In contrast, LASIK eye surgery can give you the freedom to enjoy all of these activities with no fuss. While you need to wait a few weeks before you can participate in contact sports, you’ll be able to do so with an improved vision and without requiring special eyewear.

Choose Maximum Convenience and Comfort

Almost all eyeglass-wearers have experienced panicking because they’ve misplaced their glasses or got them broken. Many people are simply vulnerable without their eyeglasses. And if this problem happens during inopportune times, such as during travel or at an important work or social function, it can entail a lot of time, stress, and money to replace them.

LASIK eye surgery eliminates this worry. This procedure can reduce your dependence on your glasses. You wake up not having to look for them, immediately enjoying great vision once you open your eyes. Better yet, you won’t have to deal with that uncomfortable pressure on your ears and nose bridge anymore, as well as the unwanted “four eyes” syndrome.

A Clearer World without the Hassle

LASIK eye surgery definitely has many advantages over eyeglasses. If you’d like to find out if you’re a good candidate for LASIK corrective or cataract surgery in Los Angeles, contact us at Excel Laser Vision Institute at +1 866 923 9235 today. Let’s schedule a consultation so we can evaluate your vision condition and needs.