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We could all benefit from paying more attention to our eye health, but this is an especially important issue for aging people. According to the American Optometric Association, the years after an individual turns 60 are critical ones. They become more prone to developing vision problems that can turn permanent if they don’t actively seek treatment like laser eye surgery in Los Angeles.

Aging Relatives May Not Be Forthcoming

Vision is not the only thing that deteriorates when one gets older. Your loved ones might also be experiencing health problems related to hearing, mobility, agility, and memory. It can be hard for them to accept these changes, and even harder to talk about them with other people.

Unfortunately, this means that treatable eye problems can become worse without intervention. Is your mother looking more closely at the morning paper? Perhaps your grandfather is having a hard time reading ingredients off labels than he used to. It’s important to observe and address these changes so you can assist them in taking preventive steps to correct their vision problems.

Signs to Watch Out For

Sometimes, your elderly loved ones may not even be aware that they’re having an issue with their sight. A lot of vision changes happen gradually, so it can be difficult to notice it immediately. Here are some symptoms of vision problems to watch out for:

  • Heightened sensitivity to glare and light
  • Having a hard time distinguishing colors and objects
  • More instances of clumsiness and bumping into things
  • Worsening night vision
  • Difficulty reading small print
  • Squinting to see thing more clearly
  • Needing to use sunglasses more often
  • Withdrawing from hobbies that require clear vision, such as knitting or doing crossword puzzles
  • Difficulty driving

If you observe one or more of these signs for a significant amount of time, it might be time to talk to your aging relative about their vision.

Laser Eye Surgery Can Correct Refractive Errors

Two of the most popular ways to correct vision issues are to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. Older people, however, might find it difficult to wear these consistently. For instance, they may find it challenging to locate their eyeglasses every day, bring it with them when they go out, and update their prescription. Some can be squeamish about wearing contact lenses.

Provided they’re a good candidate for the procedure, the best laser eye surgery in Los Angeles can improve their eyesight and eliminate the need for prescription glasses and contacts.

Laser eye surgery is an excellent way to correct refractive errors like near-sightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism, and presbyopia (aging eye). It’s important to determine which issue your relative has so you can decide on your next steps.

Assist Your Aging Loved One

Getting on in years doesn’t mean having to live with deteriorating vision. However, our elderly loved ones might need a push to take active steps in correcting these issues. In addition, they might be more comfortable talking to the best Lasik surgeons in Los Angeles when they have the support of a trusted person.

Concerned about your aging relative’s vision? Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with our Lasik specialist at Excel Laser Vision Institute.