Vision Problems

No one deserves to have an imperfect vision; that’s why the best laser eye surgery in Los Angeles is here to help you. Have you ever envied people with 20/20 vision and how they can comfortably see things? Don’t you wish you could also see things clearly and effortlessly?

You have to admit: having to wear glasses or contact lenses can be bothersome most of the time. If you want to save yourself a lifetime of having to cope with imperfect vision, LASIK surgery is the best decision you could ever make.

LASIK Surgery: The Ultimate Solution!

Once you get vision correction surgery, there’ll be less scary stories for you to deal with. Having an impaired vision will always hamper your ability to do daily chores. Furthermore, always having to reach for sunglasses and contacts is stressful. LASIK surgery can put an end to your woes once and for all by giving your bare eyes impeccable vision forever!

LASIK surgery corrects your vision by reshaping your eye’s cornea to allow light to focus better on your eye. The best part is, LASIK surgery is simple, painless, and only takes 15 minutes per eye!

Afraid you won’t be able to pay for the procedure? Fear not, as there are various options for LASIK financing in Los Angeles. Apart from the usual cash, check, credit, and debit card options, the CareCredit plan is also accepted.

Here is an overview of the LASIK procedure:

  1. Anaesthetic eye drops are applied to the eye to numb the surface.
  2. A speculum holds the eyelids open in preparation for the incision to the eye.
  3. A microkeratome suction ring is placed above the eye’s cornea.
  4. The microkeratome’s head moves across the cornea in the suction ring, creating the corneal flap.
  5. The corneal flap is peeled back on its hinge, exposing the layer underneath.
  6. An excimer laser is beamed onto the exposed layer, reshaping it by removing corneal tissue.
  7. Once the cornea has been reshaped, the corneal flap is folded back to the original position, allowing it to heal naturally.

It’s that easy! For only a few minutes, your vision problem will completely be solved, and you won’t have to worry about it bugging you for the rest of your life!

Don’t Miss Out on the Chance for Perfect Vision!

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