woman eye problemIf there’s one reason to get corrective eye surgery in Orange County, it is to read more of your favorite books. Remember those days that you would go over the New York Times’ bestseller list to check out the latest reads? You surely wanted to catch up on those books back then. You’d enjoy every adventure with the turning of every page.

But time passes by, and your eyes are also affected. Bad vision has taken away the thrill of reading a Stephen King novel or even Atwood’s latest dystopian piece. Ebooks won’t also do you any good. Audiobooks aren’t just as enthralling. Don’t you wish you could read again in the good old way?

Eye Surgery Options Available for You

There’s only one way to get your reading eyes back, and that is through corrective surgery. New technology has made it possible for eyes to regain their original vision. So, why hold yourself back from getting it?

Here at Excel Laser Vision Institute, you get the following options for eye correction:

  1. LASIK Surgery

LASIK is also known as laser in-situ keratomileusis. A popular option for eye correction, LASIK surgery caters to a vision that’s either farsighted, nearsighted, or has astigmatism. The outer covering of the eye is cut, forming a corneal flap which can be pulled back. Peeling the flap back allows a laser to reshape the eye’s cornea to produce better vision.

  1. ReLEx SMILE

Taking a different approach from LASIK, SMILE uses a laser to create a contact lens-shaped layer underneath the eye. A small corneal opening is made, and a small layer is taken out. As a result of taking out the layer, the person gets a clearer vision.

Tips to Remember Before Undergoing Eye Correction

Now that you know the options, keep in mind some tips before having your eyes corrected:

  • Check your real eye condition. You need to have a full evaluation if you are suited for laser eye surgery or cataract surgery near Orange County. During the consultation, you will be tested regarding corneal thickness, pupil dilation, and the like. Topics, like your medical condition, will also be asked.
  • Avoid makeup before the surgery. Your eyes and face should be clean before eye correction can take place. Refrain from using creams, lotions, and eyeliner days before the surgery.
  • Eat a full meal and dress comfortably. Eating beforehand ensures that you don’t get hungry during eye correction. The laser suite also tends to be cold, so wear warm clothing once you’re having the procedure.
  • Have a driver at hand. After undergoing LASIK or ReLEx, you will still feel the anesthesia on your face and will have blurry eyesight. To ensure your safety, have someone drive you home after the procedure.

Hassle-Free Surgery to Enjoy Books Again

Give your bookworm habit a second lease on life! By undergoing eye corrective surgery, you will be back to enjoying paperback adventures again.

Trust us at the Excel Laser Vision Institute to give you service with a smile. Plus, with numerous options for Lasik financing in Orange County, it is your best choice. Set up a free consultation with us immediately!