Corrective eye surgery in Orange County is well-known for its quick recovery. Many people are led to believe that Lasik is a simple and short procedure; that is why most patients do not take recovery seriously. Do not commit the same mistake. Avoid these common mistakes post-eye surgery to speed up your recovery time.

Post-Lasik Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Like all forms of surgery, recovering from Lasik or cataract eye surgery in Orange County requires patience and effort on the patient’s part to speed up the process. It usually takes at least a week or two before you can see at your sharpest focus—but if you wish to speed up the healing process, be sure to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Driving

Typically an hour or two after the surgery, the images around you may appear blurred or distorted. That is why it is best to steer clear of the road after the surgery.

Make sure that you are fully recovered from your surgical procedure before you resume driving. There should be no distracting effect of pain or any pain relief medication you are taking to be able to concentrate fully on driving.

  • Heavy Lifting

It’s best to keep yourself well-rested instead of doing some heavy lifting around the house. Stay in bed whenever possible, and rest your eyes for as much as you can. This will significantly reduce the strain in your eyes.

  • Rubbing Your Eyes

This is the last thing you would want to do after your corrective eye surgery in Orange County, especially during the first seven days post-surgery. Rubbing your eyes can cause a dislodged flap, which can lead to severe damage to your cornea and overall vision. Rubbing your eyes exposes it to worse complications including eye infection and irritation.

  • Wearing Eye Makeup

Some eye makeup products are flaky, which can be risky because any element that goes into your eye may serve as potential damage. To avoid other potential risks, avoid wearing eye makeup for a week or two after your corrective eye surgery.

  • Being Impatient

Waiting for a week or two for your eyes to fully recover can be hard—but as they say, patience is a virtue! Remember to take it easy, get a lot of rest, and just be patient with the recovery process. In no time, you can enjoy 20/20 vision!

Give Your Eyes the Best Treatment!

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