Even after your surgery in a LASIK eye center in Los Angeles, you still need to observe proper measures to keep your eyes safe and in top condition. Here are some helpful ways to maintain great eyesight after your operation.

Best Care for Your Eyes

Don’t miss out on wasting your second chance at great vision. Below are a couple of tips to keep your eyes healthy:

  1. Eat well.

Nutrients that include omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, lutein, and Vitamin C help eliminate vision problems as you age, such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Contrary to popular belief, carrots are not the best option for excellent eye health. The best food options to keep your eyes healthy are:

    • Oily fish such as tuna and salmon
    • Green leafy vegetables such as spinach
    • Eggs, nuts, and beans
    • Citrus fruits such as grapefruits and oranges
    • Oysters and pork

Eating properly will also keep you from developing type 2 diabetes, a disease that causes blindness.

  1. Get rid of smoking.

Smoking increases the likelihood of damage to your optic nerve and macular degeneration. If you had kicked the habit before and started again, quit again. Quitting repeatedly will help you succeed.

  1. Wear sunglasses when outdoors.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are harmful and can have damaging effects on the eyes. Select a pair that blocks at least 99% of UV rays.  Wraparound and polarized glasses are highly recommended to minimize UV ray exposure.

  1. Take eyes away from the computer screen.

Looking at a computer or phone screen for some time can cause the following conditions:

    • Eyestrain
    • Trouble focusing
    • Dry eyes
    • Blurry vision

To avoid these problems, be sure to use protective lenses as prescribed by your ophthalmologist. Also, take breaks every 20 minutes away from the computer screen.

  1. Schedule regular eye doctor visits.

Even after your treatment from the best eye surgeon in Orange County, continue to visit your eye doctor regularly. An eye exam is needed to keep track of your vision. Comprehensive eye exams usually include the following procedures:

    • Discussing your personal and family medical background
    • Having vision tests to check on eyesight
    • Test on your eyes’ ability to work together
    • An external and microscopic eye check

Keep Your Eyes Healthy!

While corrective eye surgery brings with it a long term solution, taking care of the results should still be your responsibility. Maximize your gift of sight with Los Angeles LASIK vision correction!

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