Laser eye surgery continues to be one of the most effective, long-term ways to correct astigmatism. However, many people still hesitate to undergo the procedure because of the Lasik eye surgery cost. Do not be mistaken. Despite the large upfront cost of laser eye surgery, it remains as the more cost-effective alternative to eyeglasses and contact lenses.

AstigmatisimWhy Lasik is More Cost-Effective for Astigmatism

Compared to the initial investment of laser eye surgery, eyeglasses and contact lenses may seem like the cheaper way to correct astigmatism. However, most people are not aware of how much they truly spend over the years with these temporary fixes:

  • The cost of eyeglasses includes both the price of frames on top of the prescription. Pricing for contact lenses, on the other hand, includes the type of contacts and the kind of solution you’ll use. Expect to pay for a new set every two years since prescriptions typically change over time.
  • You’ll also have to replace your eyeglasses if you lose or break them, something that many wearers are familiar with. Want a specific look for your pair? Designer eyeglasses are even more expensive than their basic counterparts.
  • Over a lifetime, the cost of eyeglasses and contacts can run up to thousands of dollars, and all that without fixing your eyesight for good.

Now, the Lasik eye surgery cost may look bigger up front, but factor in the average cost of eyeglasses or contacts, and Lasik comes out as the more cost-effective alternative. Better yet, it often takes only one surgery to get rid of your astigmatism for good and give you perfect eyesight for a lifetime.

Many eye clinics also offer Lasik financing to make the procedure more affordable, so be sure to ask your Lasik surgeon about your options for treating astigmatism.

What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a refractive error that occurs when the cornea, or the front of the eye, has a dual curvature.

The normal eye shape is supposed to be round, similar to a soccer ball. This allows light to enter the eye in only one ray, letting it focus on a single point at the retina (the tissue at the back of the eye that’s sensitive to light). These produce clear images for those without astigmatism.

In contrast, the eye shape of someone with astigmatism is closer to a rugby ball. The light enters in two points instead of one, resulting in fuzzy or blurred vision.

Many people live with some degree of this common condition. For most, however, mild astigmatism does not need correction since it does not cause eyesight problems. Interventions like eyeglasses, contacts, and Lasik in Los Angeles are only warranted when astigmatism causes distorted vision.

How Lasik Works for Astigmatism

The Lasik surgeon uses a laser to correct the curvature of the eye by removing a bit of corneal tissue. The goal is to make the eye rounder so the light can focus at a single point on the retina, thus restoring clear eyesight.

Who can have laser surgery for astigmatism?

Lasik has a ground-breaking 95% success rate, better than any other elective procedure today. To determine a person’s eligibility for laser eye surgery, Lasik surgeons in Orange County refer to a list of criteria. A good candidate should:

  • Have a stable prescription for one year or longer
  • Have a sufficiently thick cornea
  • Have pupils of the right size
  • Not be pregnant
  • Be in general good health
  • Be 18 years old and above

After a comprehensive examination, your Lasik surgeon will be able to tell you if your degree and type of astigmatism can be improved by laser eye surgery. Aside from astigmatism, Lasik surgery is also an excellent treatment option for myopia and farsightedness.

Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery for Astigmatism

Compared to eyeglasses and contact lenses, the advantages of Lasik eye surgery are unmatched when treating astigmatism and other eyesight issues. They include:

  • Restores near perfect or perfect vision for most people
  • Fast recovery time with minimal complications
  • Permanent clear eyesight
  • Removes the need for contacts or eyeglasses

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