Many drivers who struggle with eye problems try to compensate by wearing eyeglasses behind the wheel. However, this presents its own problems since visual issues can change over time, and eyeglasses don’t always address such developments, among other things. Stay safe when driving by choosing the permanent, proven benefits of corrective eye surgery instead.

lasik-3Signs of Eyesight Problems while Driving

Eyesight issues typically develop over time, which means it can sneak up on drivers who don’t immediately notice the effects of their deteriorating eyesight. These questions can help you determine whether your vision needs intervention:

  • Do you find it difficult to drive at night?
  • Do you get agitated, anxious, or confused while on the road?
  • Do you struggle to read traffic lights, street signs, and highway signs?
  • Do lights, especially at night, appear with halos or glares?
  • Do you find it hard to drive at the speed limit?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you might be a great candidate for corrective eye surgery. Eyeglasses might offer a quick fix, but the long-term advantages of Lasik surgery make it the best option for drivers.

Advantages of Lasik Surgery over Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses may clarify your vision while you’re wearing them, but the unique visual challenges of driving can make them an unsuitable choice. Corrective eye surgery from an excellent Lasik eye center in Los Angeles offers a better alternative for drivers for these reasons:

  • It does not add another layer of glass to your line of sight.

Car windshields, especially when it’s raining, are already hard to look through if you’re suffering from visual issues. It becomes doubly difficult to see the road clearly when you’ve got another layer of glass adding to the challenge.

Lasik surgery removes the need for eyeglasses or contacts by restoring your perfect vision, allowing you to focus on the road ahead without additional obstructions.

  • It reduces the risk of glare.

Glasses easily catch glare, especially when you’re driving under direct sunlight or looking at street lights and car headlights at night, making it hard to see objects and other vehicles.

Since its results aren’t reliant on eyeglasses, laser eye surgery dramatically reduces the incidence of glare. The procedure also diminishes similar issues such as halos and blurriness when driving at night.

  • It treats vision problems correctly.

It can still be difficult to identify road signs while wearing glasses, especially if you have the wrong prescription or your current one does not properly address your specific visual conditions. Eye problems like astigmatism or myopia often require prescription changes once every two years.

Before undergoing corrective eye surgery, your Lasik surgeon will first diagnose the exact eye issue you have. Coupled with a stable prescription for at least one year, laser eye surgery brings back your clear eyesight by correcting the vision problem itself. It doesn’t just address the symptoms of your visual issues the way eyeglasses do.

  • It improves your visual skills.

Since visual issues tend to worsen over time, regular eyeglasses prescription updates are a must.  Otherwise, your eyeglasses can contribute to the deterioration of your general vision, especially those that are critical for driving such as field of vision, color vision, night vision, depth perception, and more.

This problem is removed when you choose laser surgery —you get to practice your visualization skills to the fullest without worrying about a worsening prescription.

Improve Driving and Road Safety with Lasik Surgery

Stay safe when driving by restoring clear eyesight! If you’re struggling with driving due to your vision, visit a Lasik eye center instead of reaching for your eyeglasses. Consult the best Lasik surgeons in Los Angeles here at Excel Laser Vision Institute to determine the best treatment for your vision problem. Call us today at +1-866-923-9235 to set an appointment!