Laser eye surgery is among the most significant innovations in the modern medical world. As with many other surgeries, however, extra care must be taken to ensure the success of the procedure. Because laser eye surgery is completed without needing an overnight hospital stay, a large balance of post-surgery maintenance is left to the patients to handle.

Although follow-up visits to the doctor are scheduled, patients must learn how to take care of their new vision. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of eye care after undergoing a laser eye surgery.

Post Laser Eye Surgery Maintenance Tips

On the Days after Surgery

Coming home from the hospital, you shouldn’t drive. You must arrange for someone to drive you long before undergoing surgery. You must wear the eye protection provided by the doctor for a week, including at night while sleeping. This is so you don’t accidentally rub your eyes.

Stay at home and avoid dusty environments during recovery, and use the eye drops prescribed by the doctor accordingly. These drops usually contain antibiotics to prevent infection and keep your eyes moist. Avoid participating in sports or strenuous physical activities for at least three days after surgery or until your doctor grants you permission.

As much as possible, don’t wear makeup and facial creams for at least a week. Also avoid pools and hot tubs. Most importantly, don’t miss your follow-up appointments.

On the Months after Surgery

As tempting as it can be, never rub your eyes if they become itchy. It’s good practice whether you’ve had laser eye surgery or not. Avoid contact sports if you can, but if you must participate, wear eye protection.

Long-Term Care

This type of care must be practiced continuously, even years after your initial laser eye surgery. Wear sunglasses whenever you leave the house to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Give your eyes a rest by not staring into computer monitors or TV for too long, and eat a balanced diet for a good, long-lasting quality vision. Fruits, dark leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach, and fish high in omega-3 fatty acids are some of the types of food that benefit your eyes.

If you experience pain in your eyes, visit your doctor immediately. For more eye maintenance tips and information on laser eye surgery, contact experts such as those from Excel Laser Vision Institute in Orange County, CA.

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