Restore your Youthful Vision

No one wants to suffer from poor vision. However, as people grow older, failing eyesight becomes inevitable. You don’t have to go through this stage; get the best laser eye surgery in Los Angeles for a second chance at exceptional vision!

Getting corrective eye surgery as early as possible can lessen your need for contact lenses and sunglasses. It is also suitable for people who have good health, so take advantage of the offer if you’re qualified!

Cutting Edge Laser Technology

In early LASIK devices, the optical zone was at the front of the cornea; so LASIK procedures back then produced side effects, like unwanted light glares. This is the primary reason cutting-edge technology is necessary to get the most desirable results for your procedure.

Fortunately, corrective eye surgery has never been better, thanks to brand new technology options. The VisuMax laser machine, for one, uses a precise and thorough laser. It employs Allegretto Wave with wavefront-optimized technology that ensures your eyes are corrected properly.

Two laser surgeries are usually employed: the LASIK and ReLEx SMILE procedures. Here’s a brief overview for both:

  • Regular LASIK – With traditional LASIK, the laser is used to create a corneal flap on the eye. The flap is pulled back, and then the laser reshapes the cornea, making your sight clearer. The cornea is put back in place afterward, giving you better and renewed vision. The procedure is best suited for nearsighted, farsighted, and astigmatic vision correction.
  • ReLEx SMILE Procedure – Through the SMILE method, only a small opening is created in the cornea. Compared to regular LASIK, this procedure is mildly invasive and has less downtime. A laser makes a thin layer beneath the eye’s surface, and the layer is removed through the opening, which drastically improves your vision.

LASIK Surgery Financing Options

LASIK financing in Los Angeles may be a grave concern, as costs for the technology involved are monumental. Fret not!

At Excel Laser Vision Institute, we offer various LASIK financing options to help you get the eyesight that you deserve! Apart from the traditional credit card gateway, you may also use the CareCredit to pay for the service.

CareCredit is the premier credit card dedicated to health and wellness. A separate card for LASIK will help you distinguish it from your other monthly expenses and save you from the hassle.

Laser Eye Surgery Like No Other

Get premier laser eye surgery with the help of Excel Laser Vision Institute. A product of multi-awarded ophthalmologist Dr. Ferzaad Moosa, we have successfully conducted thousands of laser eye surgery operations.

At Excel Laser Vision Institute, we take pride in having the best LASIK eye surgery cost in Los Angeles. Call us at +1-866-923-9235 for your free LASIK Consultation, or fill out the form on our page for a free evaluation.