As people age, the body becomes more vulnerable to wear and tear. Joints become rickety, memory isn’t as sharp, and vision becomes blurry. For these issues, there are different solutions that can be done to address them. One of the more groundbreaking procedures to ever come out in the past couple of decades is Laser eye surgery.

What is Laser Eye Procedure

Laser eye surgery is such a popular procedure because it is fast, safe, and painless. In this procedure, the flap of tissue over the cornea will be peeled back so that the doctor can have access to the cornea. The laser will then be beamed straight to it to reshape the cornea, which is what will improve the vision.

Laser vision correction. Woman's eyes.This entire procedure wouldn’t even take more than a minute. After the laser, the patient will then be given eyedrops to make sure that the eye doesn’t go dry.

You can expect recovery anywhere from 24-48 hours. It will ultimately depend on your healing capabilities, but at least you can rest assured that it won’t be long before you are able to see clearly again.

Who is Eligible for Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery for Orange County, CA, and elsewhere actually covers a wide range of conditions. Your candidacy for the procedure will ultimately depend on your age and what your eye problem is. The general status of your overall health is also going to be factored in.

First of all, Laser eye surgery is only done for folks 18 and above. The rationale behind this limitation is that a person younger than this age still has eyes that are undergoing development. Prescription may still change, therefore, which may essentially render the Laser eye surgery futile.

Apart from that, you must also have prescription that’s been stable for a minimum of one year. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you will not be allowed to have the procedure as hormonal changes are recognized to naturally affect eyesight.

Meanwhile, diabetics, glaucoma sufferers, and other serious eye conditions will have to consult first with the eye doctor to get approval for the procedure.

If you’re interested in finally getting rid of your contacts or eyeglasses, opting for a laser eye surgery near Orange Country, such as from practices like Excel Laser Vision Institute, should be something worth looking into.


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