lBy 2050, around 45 million Americans are predicted to develop cataracts. Today, there are already 25.7 million Americans suffering from this condition. Thankfully, cataract surgery in Los Angeles is now a highly-refined procedure, with an average of 98% success rate according to estimates from the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

While cataracts aren’t painful, they can have a grave effect on one’s independence and quality of life, especially for older people.

The Slow Burn of Cataracts

The thing about cataracts is that they tend to begin causing vision problems once they reach an advanced stage. It’s possible to develop cataracts as early as your 40s and 50s, but they’re still too small to have an impact on your vision. It’s usually after the age of 60 that serious vision problems begin to manifest.

The Consequences of Vision Loss for Older People

Unfortunately, studies have established a clear link between vision loss and lower quality of life. And when it comes to older people, it can have a very adverse effect on their independence.

  • Loss of vision stemming from cataracts can hamper one’s ability to care for themselves or other people.
  • It can prevent them from performing their jobs to the best of their abilities.
  • Vision loss also affects more casual activities like hobbies, reading, and socializing.

Worse, impaired vision can make it harder for the elderly to accomplish basic, everyday self-care activities. This includes dressing, eating, and activities like managing one’s finances, driving, shopping, and taking medications correctly and on time.

Older people may also experience greater dependence on others when it comes to instrumental activities related to basic tasks, such as following recipes, reading medication labels, and looking over banking statements. All of these can damage the sense of independence that is so important to people of all ages, but more so for the elderly who prefer living alone or don’t want to rely on family members or caregivers for everything.

Vision impairment also increases the risk for falls and slips. Vision is the primary sense we use to navigate around 3D space, so mobility is significantly affected by its decline. Aside from hips and falls, the elderly may also be forced to walk at a slower gait even though they still have their agility.

Regaining Independence

The good news is that vision loss due to cataracts can be prevented easily. Our Lasik surgeons in Los Angeles can help afflicted individuals decide whether they’re a good candidate for cataract surgery, and once they’re deemed fit for the procedure, it can be performed with minimal disruption to one’s daily routine.

Getting older comes with own set of challenges, and developing cataracts may be unavoidable for some, but it doesn’t mean having to live with the condition and its consequences. Cataract surgery can help restore one’s vision, allowing you to regain your independence for many years to come.

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