LASIK surgery can often be intimidating for many people. After all, the procedure calls for the use of a special laser to correct vision errors in the eyes. However, there is no denying that LASIK surgery has been a scientific and medical marvel over the last few decades, restoring the vision of millions of people in Los Angeles and the rest of the country.

Patient and Eye Doctor Discuss the Merits of Undergoing LASIK Surgery

Of course, knowing when the right time to get LASIK surgery is quite subjective. Some people with vision issues undergo the procedure, some do not. However, there are certain signs that point to LASIK surgery being the best option. These signs include:


  1. Moderate to Severe Myopia or Hyperopia


Changes to your vision are common as you age. Prescription glasses are often used to correct vision issues such as myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness). However, those suffering from moderate to serve myopia or hyperopia may find prescription glasses with a high grade to be uncomfortable to wear. As such, LASIK surgery can easily be used to correct refractive errors and restore up to 20/25 vision.


  1. Severely Mismatched Astigmatism


Astigmatism occurs because the cornea curves or flattens at an uneven rate. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for astigmatism to present itself in different degrees between the two eyes. In such cases, the mismatched astigmatism often leaves the affected person dizzy or suffering from frequent headaches. When this happens, LASIK surgery may be the best option to correct both eyes.


  1. Glasses or Contact Lenses Do Not Appeal to You


Despite the convenience of prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses, the fact of the matter is that some people do not enjoy the idea of wearing either. People who do not want to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses can always opt to have their vision corrected via LASIK surgery. This option is particularly convenient for those who cannot wear contact lenses due to dry eyes or find eyeglasses too inconvenient to wear.


  1. Employment Requires Exceptional Eyesight


There are numerous careers that require those employed to have excellent vision. However, some of these jobs may make it difficult to wear glasses or contact lenses. For example, those who work in an environment that requires constantly wearing eye protection may find it very difficult to wear prescription glasses underneath the protective gear. Contact lenses may not be ideal for those who are required to do physical labor often or those who need to work in high temperatures.


  1. You Simply Haven’t Gotten Around to Undergoing LASIK Surgery


There are a number of people who may have benefitted from LASIK surgery in the past, but opted not to undergo the procedure for various reasons. One reason may be that they were unsure of the technology and the method. Today, the technology used in LASIK surgery has made significant strides in reducing risks and complications. If you were interested in LASK surgery in the past but did not undergo the procedure, you are definitely welcome to visit a vision center, such as Excel Laser Vision Institute, and undergo the procedure with the latest technology.




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