There are plenty of people who are fed up with wearing corrective lenses or eyeglasses. It’s understandable. Having to remember one’s glasses when going out or losing a contact lens can be irritating. With options out there like laser eye surgery Orange County, residents have been asking their ophthalmologists if now might be the right time to try for a more permanent solution to their vision problems. So, how does one know if LASIK is a viable option for them?

Probably the biggest thing to remember is that if you have eye problems, LASIK might be helpful, but it’s not going to be a complete miracle cure. If you decide to have the procedure, then it’s possible you may still need glasses when you get older, at least for activities like driving at night or reading. The best candidates for LASIK are those who have astigmatism, also known as blurry vision, farsightedness (hyperopia), and nearsightedness (myopia). As for whether an individual is a good candidate, you’ll always want to have a trusted ophthalmologist take a look at your eyes, and make an assessment.

If your ophthalmologist feels that you might benefit from LASIK, then you’ll be sent to an eye surgeon. The prospect of having surgery on one’s eyes might seem daunting to some, but the good news is that this procedure has become increasingly common. At this point, tens of thousands of people have had it, and it’s unusual for there to be any significant complications. The surgeon will take measurements of your eye, then they will use a specially developed cutting laser to change your cornea’s curvature. The laser beam pulses gently, removing the smallest amount of corneal tissue. The corneal damage takes three or four days to heal, and there is a little blurred vision or moderate pain sometimes reported.

Most people notice the benefits very quickly. Sharper vision is reported almost immediately after the brief recovery period. A post-operative appointment is scheduled, and your vision is measured again, but most patients report being able to see much better under optimal conditions, and at least somewhat better in less-than-optimal situations, like on foggy days, or when there is low light.

The decision to get this procedure, or not, must be made individually. However, there is no doubt that for many in and around Orange County, laser eye surgery is proving to be a wise choice. If your vision is problematic, consult with your opthalmologist, and ask if it might be right for you.