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Laser eye surgery is a typical procedure performed throughout California including Los Angeles and Orange County. In fact, roughly half a million procedures are done every year! As such, it isn’t unusual for the best eye surgeons in Orange County to complete thousands of procedures in a year.

Dr. Ferzaad Moosa
Our resident doctor here at Excel Laser Vision Institute has earned professional reputation in the field of Lasik surgery. He has handled various eye cases and has the proven track record to provide the best laser eye surgery in Los Angeles and all of California.

The discussion below aims to provide Lasik surgery patients with proven tips to protect their eyes after the procedure. Learn from the words of the best eye surgeon in Orange County, and discover more ways to better your eye condition!

Tried and Tested Recovery Measures to Complement the Best Laser Eye Surgery

The best laser eye surgery is accomplished without complications. However, how you take care of yourself post-op plays a significant role in helping you recover faster and without issue. Be sure to follow these important tips to help ensure you experience a smooth recovery.

  • Keep Your Hands Away from Your Eyes
    Many LASIK patients report slight eye irritation after the procedure. This is normal as your eyes are adjusting to the effects of LASIK surgery. Make sure that you keep you avoid touching your eyes though. In particular, never scratch your eyes while they are recovering. Scratching your eyes may damage the lens and reverse the effects of the procedure.
  • Take a Relaxing Bath Instead of a Long Shower
    If you feel a little sticky or grimy in the evening, it’s natural to want to take a nice warm shower. This can be a bad idea, however, if it has only been a few hours after your LASIK surgery. This is because water droplets from your shower may contain bacteria, which may cause an infection in the eye that underwent surgery. If you want to clean yourself after a long day, it’s a better idea to draw yourself a warm bath in the tub instead. Also, a soak in the tub is way more relaxing than a shower!
  • Wear Sunglasses with UV Protection
    For the first few days immediately following the laser eye surgery, your eyes will be quite sensitive to the light. In fact, intense bursts of light may cause damage to the lens of the eye that underwent LASIK surgery. If you need to leave your home during the day in the middle of your recovery period, make sure you wear sunglasses that are rated for UV protection to help shield your eyes from intense sunlight.
  • See Your LASIK Surgeon
    Your surgeon will require a consultation few days after the procedure. Don’t forget to see your doctor! This follow-up is a standard as it will help your surgeon assess how well your eye is healing. He may also check if there are any complications developing so that he can correct them before they get worse.
  • Let’s Talk
    Even if you get the best laser eye surgery in Los Angeles and all of California, all of these will be for naught if you do not follow these simple tips. Make sure that you follow these recommendations to avoid any eye complications.

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