If you’re on an older person, and you’re having problems with cataracts, you’ll be pleased to know that there are surgical options available today that can likely help with the issue. You should find the best cataract surgeons Los Angeles, and then you can talk about your options with them. If you’ve decided to got through with the procedure, you’re going to need to know what to do to prepare yourself beforehand. Here are some of our best suggestions in that regard.


How To Prepare

Cataract surgery is when the lens of your eye is removed and usually replaced with an artificial lens. The cloudy effect caused by cataracts will hopefully be diminished as a result of the procedure, or eliminated entirely. The ophthalmologist will do the outpatient procedure, probably in his or her office, so you won’t need to worry about staying in the hospital. Approximately a week before the surgery, the doctor will perform an ultrasound test. It’s painless, and it will measure the shape and size of your eye. This will help the doctor determine the correct type of lens implant.


If you’re taking certain medications, especially ones that could increase the risk of bleeding during the procedure, you’ll be asked to discontinue those. If you’re taking medications for prostate problems, let your doctor know. Some of these can interfere with a surgery of this nature. You’ll fast before the surgery. In most cases, you’ll not eat drink or eat anything for twelve hours beforehand. To reduce infection risk, you’ll also use eye drops. These are special antibiotic drops that you’ll use starting a couple of days before the procedure.


Be Prepared For Your Recovery

The same day as your surgery, you’ll usually be able to go back home. You won’t be able to drive, though, so have a friend or family member handy to act as your chauffeur. You’ll also need to have somebody to help you around the house for at least a couple of days afterward. Your doctor will probably limit certain activities, like lifting things, for up to a week after the surgery.


The most important thing to remember about cataract surgery is that it is very safe and that it has been performed many, many times. Provided you have a trusted surgeon and you’re a good candidate, the possibility of there being complications is minimal. Your vision should be significantly improved, and it will undoubtedly impact your life in a positive way.