If you are having laser eye surgery, then you should always seek out the best LASIK surgeons Los Angeles. You want to find someone with a great reputation and someone around whom you feel comfortable. Once you’ve found that person and had the procedure, you’ll want to be prepared for the recovery process. Here are some things for which you should be ready during the first few weeks post-surgery.


Steps For A Speedy Recovery

Right after the surgery, you will be given eye shields or goggles to wear. You’ll need to have them on as you sleep for the first few nights. They’re a little uncomfortable, but don’t remove or jostle them. You don’t want to touch your eyes in any way for the first couple of days, even by accident. For several days after the procedure, don’t rub your eyes. That’s hard to remember sometimes, but it’s imperative that you do so in this case.


Use Your Eye Drops

You’ll be given a series of different eye drops for after the procedure. Administer them exactly as your doctor told you. They will help you heal. Wash your hands periodically, and try to keep them away from your face if they might be dirty, especially when you’re about to apply the eye drops. You want to avoid infection, especially immediately after the surgery. Avoid wearing makeup for at least a week after the surgery, and wear sunglasses when you go outside. Your eyes will be very sensitive, and you’ll want to avoid direct sunlight. Some people even like to wear sunglasses indoors.


Stay In Clean Environments, And Get Lots Of Rest

After laser eye surgery, stay in sterile environments. No one should be smoking around you, and you should stay away from places that are dusty, or where there is any chance of chemical vapors or anything else abrasive in the air. Resting your eyes is important too. Sleep is when our body repairs itself, and that is especially true after any surgery.

Recovering from any surgery can be a pain. It requires patience, and you might experience halos in your vision or a gritty sensation in your eyes for a while afterward. These should be temporary though, and a few weeks down the line, you should not only be feeling better, but your vision should be much improved. You will change your life for the better by having LASIK.