patient having a medical examination at opticianStatistics show that approximately 1.3 billion individuals traveled the world last year. That’s a lot of people bitten with the travel bug! Journeying locally or abroad, however, isn’t as simple as arriving at your destination and starting to enjoy what the place has to offer. For many people, vision problems can be an inconvenient and stressful part of their travel baggage. Thanks to corrective eye surgery in Orange County and Los Angeles, all of this can change.

Eye Issues: Unwanted Baggage

Eye emergencies are very alarming, more so if you’re away at a foreign place and even worse if you don’t speak the language. Imagine losing your eyeglasses or contacts when you’re far away from home. Instead of relishing the beautiful, new city you’re in, your vacation turns into a race to find an ophthalmologist and forking over a huge chunk of your trip budget for new eyeglasses or contact lenses.  Besides this, there are other ways that glasses or contacts can be a wet blanket over your trip:

  • All Fogged Up

Traveling to tropical places means you’ll encounter a lot of humidity and heat. Eyeglasses get easily fogged up when it’s humid outside, which can be incredibly inconvenient when you’re exploring outdoor attractions. And don’t even mention the sweat— you already know you have to push them up over your nose endless times throughout the day.

  • Living in Fear of Having No Backup

Any experienced eyeglass or contact lens wearer will tell you to bring an extra pair on any trip. If you forget this, which can happen easily after all those travel preparations, you can spend your whole vacation worrying about leaving your eyeglasses behind at the hotel or a café or scratching your contacts hiking up a mountain without any backup. This can add a whole new layer of hassle to your journey.

  • Missing Out on Activities

Those with normal vision won’t have to think twice about jumping into the pool, but those who wear eyeglasses don’t have this luxury. In addition, activities like snorkeling and diving can be difficult if you don’t have special equipment or goggles to adjust your vision.

  • Endless Minor Annoyances

Finally, having to watch out for your eyeglasses or contacts can simply be inconvenient when you’re out exploring a new place. You have to take extra precautions to make sure they stay intact. You can forget to take them off after a tiring day of adventure. Going for a quick workout and forgetting your contacts, so you have to struggle with your eyeglasses.

Depending on your situation, Los Angeles LASIK vision correction can do away with all of these anxieties so keep your eyes on the gorgeous places you’re in as you scratch places off your world map.

There’s Always Something New to See

You might be used to eyeglasses or contact lenses, but LASIK surgeons in Los Angeles offer a new level of freedom for those suffering from vision issues. Our experts at Excel Laser Vision Institute can help you determine if you’re a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. Call us today to know more.