Whether you are an actor, actress, writer, producer, director or work in any other area of the entertainment industry, you know just how valuable clear eyesight is to your profession. Nowadays, LASIK eye surgery is proving to be the most viable option for correcting many vision problems. However, there are still some doubts within the community whether undergoing such a procedure can compromise the hectic schedule of an entertainer. After all, you never know when a call might come in with a job offer or when you might need to hop on a plane and head to a new location for a shoot. As LASIK surgeons will tell you, there is absolutely no need to worry because LASIK offers convenient advantages that other methods can’t.

Lasik Surgeons Offer Benefits for Entertainment Workers

Limited Recovery Time

Once you go through the procedure, you’ll find that there is very little recovery time associated with it. Most people notice improvements in their vision within 24 hours of the procedure. Your vision will slowly improve over the coming days and weeks, too. This lets you get back to work quickly without taking a lot of time off.

No More Glasses or Contacts

Although they may be necessary to wear, corrective lenses are often quite a hassle, especially for someone who has to travel a lot.  As a model or an actor, you might also come across a director who thinks you do not look right for the part because of your glasses. Once you go through LASIK, you can throw away your old eyewear. Many patients never even wear glasses again.

No Bandages

When you think of surgical procedures, you probably imagine yourself wearing thick bandages around your head or having the doctor sew stitches into your skin. LASIK is completely different in that it does not require either. The doctor will usually give you a pair of dark glasses that you wear on your face to protect your eyes from the bright sunlight outside. You can wear those glasses when you’re outside as you recover. You may not need to put them on if you’re staying indoors so you are more comfortable.

After the procedure, your surgeon will likely give you some aftercare instructions to protect your eyes while they are healing. Make sure to take note of these and follow them to the letter to help speed along your recovery. This way, you’ll be right as rain in no time.

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